The Aquarius Moon Sign

About Your Aquarius Moon Sign

Having an Aquarian Moon Sign can sometimes make you seem cool, not in a hip and trendy way but detached, perhaps even aloof. But of course nothing could be further from the truth – you are friendly and can be outrageous when you’re around people you know. I know an Aquarius Moon who for no reason starting break-dancing in a bar. Not too outrageous, you would think, but he was 50 when he did it.

This coolness can sometimes extend to being accused of not displaying your emotions very well, even to being cold when it comes to the L.O.V.E. in your life. It seems to some that you don’t really feel the way that others do, but what you’re really doing is rationalizing your emotions. You feel them well enough, but very swiftly start to think about how you can process them. Then very often you come up with a solution that puts them back in a box and practicalities take over.

When you do offer help, others should listen. If they don’t, they could find themselves ending up on the outskirts of your life. Nothing says ‘bye, bye’ faster than someone who won’t take your advice and help themselves out of some bother or who constantly bothers you when all they are really after is someone to dump their worries on. You can be brutal in your assessment of their efforts to date and that may seem harsh, but it’s been my experience with this Moon placement that all you are doing is telling people the truth. Harsh as it sometimes is.

Eccentricity is something you could display, and as this is your Moon Sign and not your Sun, that can sometimes come across as opinions that are out of synch with those of others, opinions based on those cool analytical tendencies you have. You may not empathize with those who could clearly help themselves if they bothered and this could cause you to stand out from the crowd. Your adventurous solutions, possibly containing risk as well as some whacky ideas, won’t sit well with everyone. Hence the label ‘eccentric’.

With your great sense of humour, you get the oddest things, things that others might miss. You can also send very strange birthday gifts to friends to make them laugh, even if it is just for five minutes, and your loyalty to your mates is admirable. Plenty would call you a friend, by the way, but you’re likely to have only a few very good friendships.

Aquarius Archetype: The Inventor

In your lab with your mad hair, doing those experiments to find out just what will happen if you mix this with that, even if you’ve been told you must never, ever do that. One way to get you to do something is to tell you to never, ever do it. Cantankerous you may be, but your archetype also makes you exciting, inventive and unpredictable, and those who get that get a fiend, sorry, I mean friend, for life. Having an Aquarian Moon Sign can sometimes make you seem cool, not in a hip and trendy way but detached, perhaps even aloof. But of course nothing could be further from the truth – you are friendly and can be outrageous when you’re around people you know.

As your archetype would suggest, you’re very clever. And whether you have a degree from Cambridge or a degree from the University of Life, you use what you have learned. Many with Aqurius Moon find themselves extending their educational journey or working in education. Seeing other people grow is something that could interest you too. Again, that may be formally as a teacher, life coach or business guru, or informally as a mentor to family and friends who recognize your problem-solving abilities.

Love Life

When you’re in a relationship, you must maintain that air of individuality. That doesn’t mean to say you’re not fully committed, it just means less of the ‘we did this, we did that’ and more wiggle room to be yourself. Find a partner with a strong self-identity to balance yours. When you do, the relationship will be stronger for it. What you want is someone who may be thinking about how they can support you, someone who is excited about their own projects and preferably someone who has that spark of the unusual about them. You may choose a partner who is older or younger, from a different ethnic or religious background, or someone with an interesting story.

Partnering an Aquarius Moon

Sign up to help out with some charity work, have a passion of your own, make sure you’re inventive in the bedroom and don’t follow the pack. There you have it, short and sweet. Just one more thing: if you’re a mind reader, it will make it easier to find out what they are feeling.

Best fit Sun signs are Aquarius, Gemini, Libra and Leo.


You need to be able to learn on the job, not just through the work you do but also the inspirational people you meet. Something logical would suit you too. The NHS, banking, IT, education and a scientific environment would all suit you well, but there must be room for elevation, space for you to achieve great things, and of course the personal freedom to do it your way. Reinventing and improving things is what you do best. Consultancy work can allow your entrepreneurial spirit to fly and keep things from becoming samey as well as satisfy your need for independence. You could also do well anywhere you have to deal with tough choices. Putting something back is also important to you. Heading up a charity or doing some voluntary work on the side will use your talents, and even if you’re not being paid for it, it can still count as part of your career plan.

One thing is for sure: with this Moon sign, you’re not the stay-at-home type. You will want to be out in the world making your mark.

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