The Cancer Moon Sign

About Your Cancer Moon Sign

Here the Moon is where she wants to be. She is the governess of this moon sign and that would bring you extra points, wouldn’t you think? What she does here is up her dose of lunar treats, but she also increases the challenges she carries in her silver purse, spreading some interesting opportunities to learn on your path.

The images for Cancer Moon are clearly the mother, the mirror and of course the crab, but the ebb and flow of the sea are also closely connected to the Moon. Does this mean you love the sea? Yes, but I was thinking of going a little deeper than that, if you don’t mind? What about the ebb and flow of those moody moments?

Nostalgia is something you’re likely to be big on too, going on about old black and white movies and how things used to be in the olden days… How old are you? And do you have a box of keepsakes from when little Tommy was months old, all the letters your other half wrote when you were first together and any old theatre ticket, chocolate wrapper or lock of hair that holds memories of important times in your life? My mum is a Cancer Sun and has what we call her ‘greety box’ – ‘greeting’ being a Scottish term for ‘crying’ – which she takes out now and again when she feels like getting all wistful over my first pair of Baby Dear shoes. Oddly enough, she doesn’t have my size 12 trainers in there. As a Cancer Moon, your past will also be important to you. Remembering it will bring you comfort, and emotionally it can also bring you some solutions.

Cancer Archetype: The Mother

Your moon sign makes you a natural at empathizing with people and they will be drawn to you for comfort and support, and all because they recognize your own vulnerability. But don’t be misled – it’s not all about mothering other people; you nurture and mother your own ideas and by default your own growth too.

Love Life

As a Water sign Moon, you will want things to be romantic and meaningful rather than a fumble in Waitrose car park on the way back from the chip shop. I still haven’t found my mobile phone, by the way. Anyway, back to you. Your home is where you’re most comfortable, and with a partner that shows. You’re affectionate and want them to know that they complete the perfect home. For you, starting a family could be a really strong drive. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge both have Cancer Moon signs, so expect big things there! You want your home and family life to be just perfect and put a lot of effort into it, which I suspect is greatly appreciated by your other half.

If you’re looking for romance, you’re likely to be attracted to someone who reminds you of your father or mother – not physically, you understand (that would just be too odd), but emotionally. Although beware of adding lines like ‘Not as good as my mother’s apple pie’ or ‘I’ll ask my mum, she’ll tell me what to do’ to your conversations.

Partnering a Cancer Moon

Being as open as you can about how you feel is a good way of showing them that they can be the same. They will respond to you making the first move, albeit slowly at first. Sometimes your Cancer Moon may seem to power down, to switch off, so give them space to figure out what’s really going on and let them know you’re there with tomato soup and lots of love when they need you.

In relationships with Cancer Moon males in particular, the mother could be a very strong character, almost overbearing. Just something to bear in mind.

Best fit Sun signs are Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and Capricorn.


Your moon sign is suited to careers that make good use of your skills as a nurturer, with jobs in hospitals, schools and catering heading a long list of roles where your ability to put people at ease is a coveted talent. As a sideline, you could also be interested in antiques, something that could bring you some income in either the short or long term.

You could delay following your real goals until later in life. Perhaps earlier on, family life will dictate where you live or how many hours you devote to training, etc., but as children grow up, your opportunities may increase, and you shouldn’t consider yourself too old to retrain or change careers completely. Those with a Cancer Moon tend to do very well later in life.

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