The Capricorn Moon Sign

About Your Capricorn Moon Sign

Self-respect is important to you and being dependent on another isn’t on the agenda. Providing for them may very well be, and you take your responsibilities very seriously, especially when it comes to family commitments. This makes you a finisher. You can see a task through, and anyone who has the brilliant idea of using astrology in the workplace will assign you tasks that need to be finished instead of left hanging about half-done.

I know a very competent Capricorn Moon who is self-employed doing just that. She moves in when others have failed to meet targets or budgets and helps them to make sure the job is done. Sometimes that’s uncomfortable, as people don’t want to hear they have failed, but she does it with cool efficiency rather than personal finger-pointing and certainly no gossipy tongue-wagging.

Those around you will see you as a rock, someone solid in their lives, and even if they do buy you a pipe and slippers for your twenty-first birthday, take that as a compliment: it means you’re Steady Eddie. For you, going a little wild now and again could mean getting a little tipsy and forgetting to say thank you when your drink is delivered. Rarely, if ever, would it involve a drag queen, a penguin and a long night sitting under a tarpaulin at the funfair. Don’t ask.

Capricorn Archetype: The Werewolf

OK, so you’re not growing hair on your palms around the full Moon (or maybe you are), but it’s not that sort of werewolf.  Think the power to transform and the ability to deal with competition, to ally yourself with vampires if you have to and to hide your true nature. You’re a negotiator, physically strong and able to change to gain power in a world that sometimes doesn’t play by the rules. The Moon is in detriment in this sign, so she is uncomfortable, but sometimes a little restlessness is a good thing – it keeps you on your paws, keeps you alert and ahead of the pack.

Love Life

You take everything seriously, including your love life. A partner who is flippant, disrespectful, untidy and dare I say unhygienic won’t last long at all. One who is the opposite of all of those you might even consider marrying. In a relationship, you want a partner who is exactly that: a partner. With equal responsibility. As long as they know you’re in charge, of course, and are working towards the same goals as you are. It’s not that you can’t be romantic – of course you can, it’s just that there are things that need to be done. Now.

Partnering a Capricorn Moon

There may be certain rules to abide by, but only if you’re comfortable with that. Don’t be bossed about by your Capricorn Moon or they will add more rules as they go! They are funny, but often that’s built on sarcasm. Get that and you’re onto a winner. Dependable, secure and loyal, they are keepers, and as long as things are kept equal, the relationship will work out well.

Best fit Sun signs are Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo and Cancer.


A Moon sign of structure, organized, you’re a bonus to any employer. Doing things by the rules, not easily being swayed by those who want to bend things even a little, will bring you success in your chosen field. The military (particularly the army), banking, teaching and insurance are areas you work well in; architecture too, which is of course the ultimate in structure and organization!

You’re not one for quick decisions and reckless risks, preferring to work at your own pace even if that sees the mavericks at work climbing faster than you. You will see them when they are on the way down, you will outlast them and a slow but steady pace will win in the end.

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