The Gemini Moon Sign

About Your Gemini Moon Sign

Archetype: Peter Pan

Never growing up has many blessings, including youthful looks that others will envy and the ability to mix with those younger than your years successfully without looking like the oldest swinger in town, but sometimes you may be accused of not taking things seriously and those around you could find that annoying, so know when to play and when to grow up and step up. Some may think you’re Jack or Jill of all things but master of none, but that’s not the case. You may be an expert in your field, but you never consider yourself to have fully learned everything and will constantly be seeking more information.

Love Life

When you’re single, you’re hardly likely to take much rest between your flirtier moments. Playing the field is far too much fun, but don’t let that label follow you into a relationship.  A Gemini Moon is just as likely to stay in a committed relationship as any other Moon sign, but that relationship has to be one that offers diversity, new things happening and not so much of the ‘if it’s Tuesday, it’s curry for tea’ thing going on. You like change, you like things to look forward to and of course you also want things to talk about, so shared experiences with your other half will be essential.

Partnering a Gemini Moon

Keep life exciting and make sure they are informed about things you’re going to do in the future – that gives them something to look forward to – but please make sure you follow through on those promises or you will hear about it for a very long time. Confront them on their feelings and talk them out, or you may never truly know what’s going on, even if you think you do.

Best fit Sun signs are Gemini, Aquarius, Libra and Sagittarius.


Jobs in the media suit you, and your ability to ask questions is particularly useful in journalism, or perhaps in counselling, where you can debate both sides of an issue with impartiality. The adventure of travel would suit you well – just make sure the company perks give you some cheap deals to exotic locations and take full advantage of it. Airline steward would combine your love of people and travel, but why stop there? Why not move to the front of the cabin and indulge your love of fast-moving means of transport with travel?

Telephone marketing – or even marketing telephones – will suit your chattery style, and when faced with you, few of us can resist your charms, something I am sure you use to your advantage in more than your career.

Take care at work that you don’t repeat anything that would be best kept to yourself. Involving yourself in idle chit-chat and gossip is a dangerous pastime. Ask yourself who really benefits from repeating what you overheard whilst you had your ear casually jammed up against the office door? Did you really hear all the conversation or have you made up the bits that were missing?

With this in mind, however, your natural charm and adaptable nature will help you succeed in whichever career you choose.

Parents and Family

Your mother is likely to have been a busy bee, with lots of things to do and lots of people to talk to. She may also have had a career that involved being away for short periods of time or travelling when perhaps you would have preferred she was at home. Certainly a strong work ethic will have been instilled in you by a woman who could get up and get on with it with extraordinary energy.

With your siblings, there might be a higher degree of rivalry than with some signs. As you aim to talk yourself up in their eyes, they will aim to beat you, and so the benchmarks get higher and higher. Whilst competition is a good thing, too much of this sort of jockeying for position could leave some deep-seated resentment, and snappy comments may result in crocodile tears. As you get older, it’s better to let go and take the higher ground by using that cool emotional Moon sign of yours to recognize past cycles and that you no longer have to repeat them. But even in spite of this, your siblings are likely to always be on the phone to you and you to them.

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