Leo Moon

Your Moon Sign is Leo.

Archetype: The King/Queen

Of course you can’t mention the word ‘Leo’ without thinking of the lion, the king of the jungle, that proud beast. A noble Moon that wants to help others as best that it can, a Moon that will be generous with emotional help when those it loves need support… but sometimes that’s an act, a way of encouraging others whilst hiding how you are feeling yourself, isn’t it?

Your regal qualities, when attached to your Moon, bring you just that, pride, but isn’t that something you get just before a fall? That depends on what you’ve been up to. You’re capable of making sure things get done, even if you have to stay up all night sewing sequins on by hand. Kids adore your playful nature and you love the way they just let themselves go, reminding you of your own childhood and encouraging you to approach things with the same ethos.

Love Life

Are you really high maintenance? Not really. All you need is to be appreciated. All those things you do to make your partner happy and to bring excitement and passion into their life should be noticed. It’s really not much to ask. When choosing a partner, you might think the sensible one is someone you need to keep you calm, but frankly that might not work. What you really need is someone to play with without tipping over into wild child. Find the balance.

Partnering a Leo Moon

Time and energy – two things you must have in abundance if you’re to keep them satisfied, and not just in the obvious way. Understanding them is a lifetime’s work, but it can be the most amazing job in the world and you will never, ever be bored.

Best fit Sun signs are Leo, Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius.


At school you may have spent so long in the naughty corner you didn’t really do what you were supposed to, but panic not, you’re one of those Moon sorts that learn more from life than from any book. That, coupled with a desire to be in charge, will breed a strong ambition, and you’re more than likely to do better than a lot of folks who have done very well academically but don’t possess your charm.

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