Libra Moon

Your Moon Sign is Libra.

Archetype: The Angel

So maybe you don’t feel that angelic, and often you really feel as if you’re the other end of the scale, but to those around you, when you’re at your best, your love will shine through and they will see that in you more than anything else. When you ping across to the other side – and you will – perhaps you’re still an angel, but more of the avenging sort. Either way, angel it is. You’re very persuasive and extremely good in a debate. Bringing people around to your way of thinking is a heavenly gift, and the more you use it, the more you hone it.

You’re not going to step over the line of what’s right, but what’s right is a judgement you will make, and you can justify yourself in the face of even your most fervent critics. You’re very handy to have around if a case must be put that needs persistence and a well-thought-out argument.

Love Life

We all need respect in a relationship, but you need to see it daily, just as you need to hear the words ‘I love you’ on a regular basis, and are likely to say them frequently too. Make sure they don’t become so commonplace that your partner answers with a simple ‘I know.’ That’s just not good enough! What you want is ‘I love you too’, but sometimes overuse produces an automatic response. This doesn’t mean they don’t love you, not in the slightest; what it means is they know you love them and you should know they love you too, so how about trusting in that and getting on with it?

Partnering a Libra Moon

Woo your Libra Moon no matter how long you have known them and make sure that every day you let them know what they mean to you. Talk to them, find out how their day has gone, engage and be genuinely interested in what’s been happening. Then open a box of chocolates and take a tumble round the bedroom. Nice.

Best fit Sun signs are Libra, Aquarius, Gemini and Aries.


With such good taste and an eye for the aesthetically pleasing, you need a role that will help you express your creativity. Fashion, beauty, interior design, high-end chocolatier would be good (provided you don’t eat the profits). Another route you could take is counselling. This could be as a relationship counsellor, psychotherapist, lawyer or even family planning adviser – anywhere you’re able to help others see both sides of an argument or to fight for one side over another, to debate and win. In court, for example. Using your skills to relate to others is something that could make you money.

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