Pisces Moon

You're a Pisces Moon.

Archetype: The Saint

You’re hardly perfect, but your Moon holds all the information from all the signs behind it. It’s the last one – or is it the first in a new wheel? A deeply spiritual Moon, it offers you a rare connection. You see things few notice and without trying you can bring peace to those around you. That’s saintly. You may not feel it, least of all when some idiot cuts you up on the motorway. Your language then, both verbal and sign, is hardly likely to be what anyone would call holy. Being holy isn’t the point, though; you are generous with your being to family and friends, help those who can’t or won’t help themselves, and even when the idiot does cut you up and you react to it, two minutes later you’re apologizing in your head and chastising yourself for being less than generous.

Love Life

You need a partner who wants to know you on the deepest level possible, where those more intimate moments are so intense they are almost unbearably beautiful. If a relationship isn’t heading in that direction, you may need to work at it or consider if it’s for you, as you really do need the storybook romance.

When you are in a relationship, you are a supportive partner and expect the same in return. You should be willing to share your dreams with your other half and they must be supportive of them and you of theirs, which is a measure of the perfection you’re seeking, but is that easy to find? It may not be easy; it may even seem impossible, but your faith will make it happen. A clear vision of what it would look and feel like is something you could have from a very young age. Keep that image in your powerful subconscious and it will bring it to you.

Partnering a Pisces Moon

If you think grabbing a bunch of flowers from the garage on the way home is going to get you in their good books, think again! A full-on bouquet of white lilies, please, and whilst you’re at it, get home early and fill the bedroom with candles. Romance is what they are after; nothing less will do.

Best fit Sun signs are Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo.


Your energy can sometimes take large dips for no apparent reason. Sometimes it’s simply your sensitivity to what’s going on around you in the workplace. Use it as a barometer; if you don’t feel right, chances are something isn’t quite right. Being the office confessional won’t help either – if you’re taking on people’s stuff it’s likely to be draining your energy reserve. Jobs that suit you are artistic roles in music, painting and dancing as well as anything where you can use your imagination, like working with food, flowers and fashion. Often you’re found where an eye for the right line is needed, perfect measurements need to be made or critical systems need to be maintained.

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