Sagittarius Moon

You're a Sagittarius Moon.

Archetype: The Sage

Not the type you put in your stuffing at Christmas – think more along the lines of the wise old man sitting by the side of the road as you travel to the temple. As a Sagittarius Moon, people will stop and ask you the way, seeking your advice because they know you have walked this road yourself and have accumulated wisdom that you are happy to share. But you don’t just sit there, you too have paths to walk and wisdom to seek. The difficulty with knowing so much, even at a young age, is that you may feel alone even when you’re in the middle of a very large group. It’s not that you don’t want to be there, or even dislike those you are with, but you wonder whether they are actually seeing things the same way you are. Chances are, they’re not.

Love Life

Your best chance of a relationship that works is to find a partner who doesn’t cling on, one who appreciates your need for freedom and is very welcome to travel with you but knows when you need that little space that’s so very precious to you.

They won’t be doing you any favours if they nag when you’re not home in time for tea. You hate sticking to a schedule or being asked to commit to too much in advance. The saddle has to come off and you have to be left to roam the pastures on your own now and again. You can’t be cooped up.

Partnering a Sagittarius Moon

Make sure you keep them interested with new and exciting things, travel and adventure and don’t restrict them in any way. Schedules are good, but spontaneity is better, so have a loose idea of what’s happening next week but don’t bring out your clipboard and stopwatch if things aren’t running like clockwork.

Best fit Sun signs are Sagittarius, Leo, Aries and Gemini.


Working in the travel industry would suit you well, as would publishing, working in bookstores and teaching on a subject you’re passionate about – and I think we have already established that won’t be maths or accountancy. You may teach spirituality, either as a hobby or as your full-time job, and your knowledge of more than one of the world’s faith and belief systems is likely to be good regardless. You will want to work for the best – you don’t do well with second best – and as a result have very high standards, which should be appreciated by your boss! You’re unlikely to blow your own trumpet at work and even when you are congratulated on your achievements, you will react with great humility and an ‘It was nothing’ attitude.

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