Scorpio Moon

You're a Scorpio Moon.

Archetype: The Vampire

Yes, the creature of the night, feared, alluring and so sexy it’s just not fair. Your Moon brings you sex appeal and mystery, but walking in the light sometimes burns you. Exposing the truth of your emotions is a tough thing for you, but once you do, you transform. The Moon is in fall in this sign. Simply put, that makes her unhappy and brings out the more challenging side of her influence. And in this sign of course she’s operating with Scorpio’s dark secrets too… Intriguing, isn’t it? You like intrigue, you like to delve deep into a subject to find out what’s really going on – not the headline news, the stuff that’s truly happening. Be careful your need for the truth or to have some of life’s more intense experiences doesn’t take you too far down a path that could lead to trouble.

Love Life

Hardly the shy sort on the sexual front, you can be oddly timid when it comes to meeting people, but once you recognize they are interested, your inner vampire is released and your seduction skills put into action. You’re likely to be experimental physically. Just watch you don’t put your back out, as you may not be as young as you think, and in a relationship the intensity of your love life is something that binds you to your other half. And to the headboard too, no doubt.

Partnering a Scorpio Moon

Invest in shares in a chocolate company and make sure you have copious amounts of ideas to keep your horizontal dancing fuelled with new routines. Scorpio Moons are intense, moody and magnificent, demanding sometimes, but worth the effort. Look them in the eye and tell them how you feel. If you skip around any issues, they will know it and won’t be happy until you tell them what’s going on.

Best fit Sun signs are Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer and Taurus.


The tougher side of life holds no fear for you; in fact it may draw you in, so roles in police forensics, pathology, nursing and undertaking could appeal – not for the macabre side, but out of a fascination with life’s bigger questions. Death is, after all, one of the biggest. On the lighter side of life, you make a very good salesperson, as you have an instinct for knowing what people want and how to fit their needs with your product, and can be very persuasive.

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