Taurus Moon

You're a Taurus Moon.

Archetype: The Builder

Get that hod of bricks on your broad shoulders, or maybe it’s a load of emotional bricks that you’re bearing, because you have learned to dig deep and lay strong foundations as a result of your experiences in life. Even if it sometimes takes you longer to get moving than most, when you do, you don’t stop until the job is done.

Love Life

You want to build a strong relationship and are dependable and faithful in love, but if things aren’t going great you’re likely to remain in a relationship for the sake of the kids, the cat or even the person you’re not too impressed with. You can be flirty yourself, and sometimes that Taurus Moon can also cause jealousy to rear its big green head, but normally all you need in a relationship is a routine. And good communication, so that if that routine is affected in any way, you know what’s happening, when and why.

Partnering a Taurus Moon

Taurus Moons need their hit of sensuality. They want to be wooed with a good meal, lovely wine, fabulous hotel rooms and a little loving – twice nightly would be ideal!

Best fit Sun signs are Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and Scorpio.


Taurus Sun signs are drawn to roles that involve money, music, art, dance, gardening and of course cooking, and all could apply to you too, but whatever you choose there has to be an aesthetic sense about it – it has to bring beauty into the world. As an Earth sign Moon, you’re a good finisher. Unlike those flighty Air Moon lot or rushy-in Fire sorts, you get the job done, and usually where others would get bored all too easily. The trouble may be you’re in a role that your mum said would be good for you, or you have a reliable job but inside you yearn for something more. Give in to your Moon and you’ll not only fill your heart with joy but also be likely to find that circumstances will help you along the path to success.

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