Virgo Moon

You're a Virgo Moon.

Archetype: The Accountant

The one taking stock of where you are, what you have and what you want to make of it all, keeping order and striving to be what you know you can be. You have the ability to make the most of your organizational skills and to let those around you know what your goals really are. This Moon is all about auditing your emotions and using them to best effect: feel them, analyse them, deal with them. The Moon isn’t at her happiest in this sign, she’s fidgety and nervous, and you might deal with emotions in much the same way – not sure what to do or say or where to be to make things work out for the best. But knowing this about your sign can be the best excuses to draw out these difficulties and examine them properly for your final benefit.

Love Life

Your sense of duty will also be expressed in a relationship. That’s fine as long as it is reciprocated by your partner; if it isn’t, you could find you’re basically the maid. You don’t mind being in the background making sure things run smoothly, of course, and if your other half is in a high-pressured job (and they often can be), you’re happy to play your part. What you won’t be happy with is being taken advantage of, and you certainly shouldn’t be. Learn to speak up when things are getting a little one-sided. ‚ÄČTell His Royal Highness the staff are having a night off and get dinner booked.

Partnering a Virgo Moon

Virgo moons value loyalty, give loyalty and expect it in return. If there are difficulties in a relationship, things need to be addressed straight away. Leaving them to stew will create a mighty big pot of the stuff to sort out later. Sup up.

Best fit Sun signs are Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus and Pisces.


You’re good with your hands and anything that requires you to make things would suit you well, from bread to bedsteads and all points in between. You’re also very good with money, sorting out other people’s money in particular, so you could get paid for looking at what others get paid and what they do with it! Bonus. Some of these roles could also be part-time. Your ability to earn pretty much what you want is based on what time you want to give to the working part of your life.

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